It is true! Technology is everywhere! In your house, at the office, in the park or on your holiday, you will encounter technology under a variety of shapes and purposes. Technology makes communication more accessible and helps you say what you have to say and let it be heard by an unlimited public. But have you ever thought of streaming.

If more people would listen to your message, they will better understand your cause and join you on your journey! Ever looked for a solution to be close to the ones that have difficulties in attending your gatherings? How about streaming? You should consider joining the continuously growing community of streaming churches by purchasing a highly reliable and affordable streaming plan from Wireless1Streaming.

By opening an Internet streaming outreach for your faith based organization, not only will your program be accessible to a larger public, but also you can make your sermons available on-demand, through your churches mobile app provided by Wireless1Marketing Group. Furthermore, this is an excellent way to reach the youth segment – more flexible and closer to technology. After all, the youth are the future. It’s up to you to provide a proper spiritual education. Stream your faith and let everyone know they can rely on your help every day, no matter where they are.

Our Wireless1Streaming services and mobile app will allow you to play live and on-demand audio to listeners, depending on your target. With the our Auto Streaming feature, you can keep your faith based organization on-line even when there’s no live program to stream. You can upload a play list to our server and set the files to play a certain order. This way, you will have an efficient and very flexible tool for streaming faith to millions of followers all around the world.

Live streaming is spreading among religious organizations and represents an excellent opportunity for bringing believers and non-believers closer to faith. Don’t hesitate to contact us now and try the Wireless1Marketing Group, Total Reach Solution!

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